Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Ideas Showcase is held in the center of the Tabletop Expo floor on Wednesday, April 12, and will be free for all WCIC attendees.


Ideas Showcase Stage A, Exhibit Hall, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI

Dairy Processing Equipment Innovations          

12:30-12:50             “Introducing the Cheeseformer from Tetra Pak” Pawel Palich, Tetra Pak

New look at fresh cheeses. The traditional technology for fresh cheese production without moulds. Solutions that allow to: Decrease labor engagement, Decrease Utility Consumption, Increase Yield, Increase Quality, Increase Shelf Life and Increase Weight Accuracy.


1:00-1:20                 “The Internet of Things: Mining CIP Data in a Cheese Plant to Enhance Operation and Product Quality” Tony Simas, Ecolab

Tony Simas, will help processors identify where your facilities are on the IoT journey, touch upon IT security considerations and show how IoT technology can leverage current data to enhance operations and quality. Topics also include: Ecolab Innovation Vision and Values; The Environment of the Food and Beverage Industry with IoT; and Case Studies.


1:30-1:50                 “Planning the Sites in Your Plant that will Benefit from Robotic Automation” Don Wichstrum, Quest Industrial

Reliable labor is proving difficult to find, but Quest understands your needs and has developed equipment for those hard to fill, difficult, and repetitive jobs. Don Wickstrum will identify tasks which robotic automation can complete so you can better utilize your current employees’ skills.


2:00-2:20                 “Innovations in Cream Cheese Production Technology” Juan M. Postigo, GEA


Advances in Cheese Ingredients

2:30-2:50                 “Clean Label, Natural Advances in Food Protection Ingredients” Shannon Neuens,  Chr. Hansen Inc.

Chr. Hansen is breaking new ground in natural cheese ingredients with Bioprotection, the art of using natural microbial food cultures to inhibit unwanted contaminants thereby preventing food spoilage and enhancing food safety.


3:00-3:20                 “Maxiren XDS and the Improvements to Your Cheese” Kent Vogel,  DSM Food Specialties

Maxiren® XDS offers cheese producers more efficiency and flexibility in your production processes.  Also, improves shredding, stretching and browning to your cheeses.  Join us for the showcase to learn more.


3:30-3:50                 “OptiPhos: New Technology in Processed Cheese Applications” Jamison Vanden Einde,  Hydrite Chemical Co.

Introducing Opti-Phos.  Break out of production constraints and add flexibility to production planning, through on demand DSP and TSP, delivered directly to batch and continuous cookers.


4:00-4:20                 “Whey Binding for Cream Cheese” Daan Wagter,  AVEBE America

AVEBE using its Etenia 457® allows the whey to be kept in the products and therefore 100% of the milk to be used in producing valuable high quality cream cheese or yogurt. Removing the separation step allows cream cheese to be made on a yogurt line and thereby allows manufacturers that want to make cream cheese to enter this market.


Ideas Showcase Stage B, Exhibit Hall, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI

Dairy Packaging Innovations

12:30-12:50             “Innovations in Packaging for Cheese” Cyndi Christel,  Kelly Supply, Vector-Viscofan Group

 New cheese packaging technology improving aesthetics, form and seal shrink film, and bags to personalize your brand and stand out from the competition.


1:00-1:20                   “Concept to Commercialization: The Fast Track” Suzanne Betker,  Bemis North America

Discover new opportunities for your brand to win by putting your concepts of the fast track to commercialization. Learn how to launch or relaunch products successfully with ideation and exploration, prototyping, experimental manufacturing lines, consumer testing and more.


1:30-1:50                 “How to Leverage Digital Printing for Flexible Packaging for Greater Marketing Impact” Kyle Rogers,  ePac

ePac is the first flexible packaging converter built entirely around the latest in digital printing technology. Ideal for economical short to medium length runs requiring fast turnaround, learn how ePac’s unique business model is ideal for driving market impact in Wisconsin cheese market.


2:00-2:20          “Getting the most out of your anaerobic reactor with high-strength waste segregation, automated diversion, and process selection” Jenchie Wang, Ph.D., The Probst Group

Anaerobic treatment systems utilizing the diversion technique provide reliable, flexible, and effective wastewater treatment that allows facilities to eliminate the cost of land application or limiting regulation. 


Water Treatment & Efficiency

2:30-2:50                 “Monitoring of Product Loss and Increased Solids Recovery Via Self-Compensating Total Solids Sensor” Thomas RoemerKrohne

A common method for measuring solids concentration in F&B processes are turbidity sensors. However, biofouling and other types of coating cause the sensor to drift. New multipath sensors automatically compensate for this. The presentation will discuss measuring principle and its advantages.


3:00-3:20                “Pollutant Trading as a Potential Management Tool in lieu of Installing Additional Treatment Processes/Equipment“ Robert Brillhart, Foth

Phosphorus discharge may be required to meet revised water quality standards. Treatment upgrades can be cost prohibitive, so consider Water Quality Trading. Water quality trading is an alternative means of minimizing phosphorus discharged to surface waters by working with other entities also working to reduce discharge.


3:30-3:50                 “Improving Plant Efficiency, A Focused Review of Water and Wastewater” Kevin D. Christensen, SEH

In today’s competitive market, manufacturers need to seize every opportunity to improve plant efficiency.  Join us and hear more about new ways you can improve plant efficiency through a targeted focus on process water control, segregation, capture and reuse.


4:00-4:20                 “Multi-Dimensional Approach Improving the Reliability, Dependability, and Efficiency of Cheese Wastewater Treatment Systems” Michael Berns, Mainsail Global

Mr. Berns will describe Mainsail’s multi-dimensional approach to: 1. Compare alternative systems, 2. Quantify the “total cost of ownership” of your wastewater system and 3. Reveal the ultimate metric for comparison.