What are the hours for the tabletop exhibit mini-expo?
Wednesday afternoon, 12:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Our company is a Supplier company.  Can our employees sign up for the Exhibit Attendees Special.
No, the Exhibit Attendees Special is for a special rate for Dairy Manufacturer/Processor/Marketer Attendees.
For Suppliers, there are two registration options available that include the mini-expo:
1.  FULL Registration or

My company is a Supplier Company.  Do we have to be a member of the Association to attend the conference? If so, what is the cost of membership and how can we sign up for membership?
Yes, all companies that exhibit must be members of WCMA.
The cost for membership is $250.  You can pay for membership dues when you sign up on-line to attend the conference. http://cheeseconference.org/attend/registration-fees/